Getting Started

Fostering Growth in Your Child’s Natural Environment

The Process

Contact Us

Reach out today and speak with a member of our team. We will learn about your specific situation and explore your care options.

Intake / Assessment

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst will work with your family to conduct an initial assessment to identify strengths and areas for growth.

Begin Services

Once we complete our assessment, we will map out a treatment plan including number of hours, schedule and goals for care. We will also connect you with an ABA Therapist that will conduct direct therapy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions you may have before getting started with Fundamental Development ABA.

Where do services take place?

Our ABA therapists provide all services within the comfort of your child’s natural environment. We find that delivering therapy in a familiar setting, such as home or daycare, eliminates distractions and aids in generalizing learned behaviors across the client’s daily schedule. Your child will also benefit from one-on-one attention from a trained therapist.

What skills will be worked on?

Our BCBA will conduct an assessment and then design an individualized treatment plan targeting skills like communication, social interactions, self-care, academics, play, and regulating behaviors. Goals will be based on the client’s unique strengths and needs..

How many hours are recommended?

The number of  hours of ABA therapy per week depends on the child’s needs. Our BCBA will be able to provide guidance on the recommended amount of hours upon evaluating your child’s individual case.

What is a BCBA?

A BCBA is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who is specially trained to oversee ABA therapy cases. Our BCBAs have advanced graduate training and will conduct ongoing assessments, facilitate parent and caregivers training and modify your child’s treatment plan as needed.

Am I required to participate in sessions?

We highly encourage parents and caregivers to actively participate in ABA therapy sessions. Learning strategies to continue reinforcing skills at home can greatly benefit your child’s progress. WE do recognize however, there are periods when working directly with the therapist is most beneficial.

What is a ABA Therapist?

ABA Therapists have specialized training in delivering ABA therapy under the close direction of a BCBA. They will work one-on-one with your child on mastering their therapy goals.